For inquiries or membership information,
Please email the MML Secretary :

Schedules and Events

Unless otherwise noted, all matches take place at:

Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore
11518 Marriottsville Road
Marriottsville, MD 21104-1220

MML Shoots

Our monthly shoots are open to the public and generally held the first Sunday of each month. Registration and warm-up/target practice begin at 9:00 a.m. with the actual shoot commencing at 9:30 a.m. At present, all shoots consist of 8 targets at 50 yards and 4 targets at 25 yards shooting off-hand using iron/open sights. Half of the targets are 3-shots each scored by the closest-to-center, and the other half utilize a novelty scoring system requiring 5 shots per target. Shoot as few or as many targets you like. Registration is $20 for a set of 12 targets or $2 per individual target. Target frames provided, just bring your shoot’n gear!


Bull Run Muzzle Loaders (Virginia)

Several members of our club also support shoots hosted by the Bull Run Muzzle Loaders Club located in Virginia. Their shoots are conducted on the 3rd Sunday of the month and consist of two types of matches at 25 and 50 yards. They are located at the range facilities of the Arlington-Fairfax Chapter, Inc. of The Isaac Walton League of America, 14708 Mount Olive Road, Centerville, Va. 20110.

Ft. McCord Militia (Pennsylvania)

Located in St. Thomas, PA, the Ft. McCord Militia has a very active schedule with meat shoots, a two-day rendezvous including a woodswalk, and a chicken shoot. Well worth the drive!

Club Meetings

The general membership of Marriottsville Muzzle Loaders routinely meets immediately following the monthly shoot, which is normally about 1:00 p.m. in the Barnes Range House. These meetings are to conduct club business, raise and address issues and topics of interest to the membership, and to induct, train, and educate new club members.

Shows and Fairs