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Shooting competitively is the best method for a new member to become a good rifle shooter. At the matches he can see the rifles and accessories being used by the more experienced shooters. He will meet the club members who really interested in shooting and they will answer and questions you might have and help you with you shooting technique. Marriottsville Muzzleloaders conducts monthly muzzle loading rifle matches to which you are invited.

Tidewater Muzzleloaders also conducts muzzle loading rifle matches at our range, to which you are invited. Other clubs on the Eastern Shore, in Pennsylvania, and in northern Virginia conduct regular black powder matches. If your interests run in the direction of the Civil War you may be interested in joining a North-South Skirmish Association team. These teams compete against each other in various locations but primarily on their property near Winchester, Virginia. The competing teams shoot the types of firearms used during the Civil War such as rifled muskets, carbines, Henry rifles and cap and ball revolvers.