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Congratulations to the 2017 State Champs!

Our sincere appreciation to Dennis Kelley and the dedicated members of Tidewater Muzzle Loaders for putting on a great event.


Dennis Kelley388 4x
2ndTerry Mulligan 375 3x
3rdLes Boyd 370
4thGary Dellone370
5thPete Salvano364 4x
6thRon Piper 355 1x
7thRon Beeman343 3x
8thJohn Burdge330 4x
9thJeff McCollough329 2x
10thMike Roach328 1x
11thJohn Whitcomb 319 3x
12thRick Malone318
13thLarry Gardner303
14thTim Frank302 1x
15thDonald Waldvogel300 3x


Flintlock Agg.

1st Gary Dellone121
2ndLes Boyd 110 1x
3rdJohn Burdge 109 2x

Benchrest Agg..

1st Dennis Kelley 132
2ndLes Boyd131
3rd Larry Gardner127

Musket Agg.

1stPete Salvano123 1x
2nd Walt Garman122
3rd Ron Beeman117

Smoothbore Agg.

1stRon Piper117
2ndGary Dellone109
3rd Tim Frank104

Cross Sticks Agg.

1stDennis Kelley 134 2x
2ndTerry Mulligan125 2x
3rdPete Salvano124 2x

Ladies Agg.

1st June McWhirt 130
2ndKaren Roach116
3rdno entry

Offhand Agg.

1stTerry Mulligan127 1x
2ndLes Boyd124
3rdDennis Kelley120 2x

Handgun Agg.

1st Dennis Kelley122 2x
2ndRon Piper120
3rdTerry Mulligan114

Hunters Agg.

1stLes Boyd 115
2ndJeff McCullough101 1x
3rdPete Salvano1011x

Unlimited Smoothbore Agg.

1st Donald Waldvogel 103 2x
2nd Les Boyd100 2x
3rdEdward Hood96 1x

Juniors Agg.

1stno entry


Flintlock Re-entry.

1stJohn Burdge114 1x
2ndEdward Hood110
3rdno entry

Benchrest Re-entry

1st Tommy Linton86
2nd Charles Hinga86
3rd no entry

Musket Re-entry

1st No entry

Smoothbore Re-entry

1stNo entry

Cross Sticks Re-entry

1stTom Linton121
2dJohn Burdge108
3dMike Roach100

Offhand Re-entry.

1stEdward Hood118
2ndJohn Burdge101
3rd No Entry

Handgun Re-entry

1stBuck Buchanan124 3x
2nd John Burdge80
3rdno entry

Hunters Re-entry

1st Edward Hood 105
2nd John Burdge91
3rdMike Roach86

Unlimited Smoothbore Re-entry

1stDonald Waldvogel114 3x
2ndno entry
3rdno entry